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Your online reputation matters

Web Reputation is an activity of collecting and monitoring everything that is published on the Web, regarding a specific person.

Digital Social Reputation takes care of protecting the image of the person on the web from possible reputational crises, first of all carrying out an analysis of the customer’s current situation and then providing a series of cancellation and / or de-indexing activities. negative content.

The activity is carried out with proprietary technology and with various collaborators who check the various social portals, websites and forums on a daily basis to take care of, build, improve and maintain the customer’s reputation.

We are the creators of the award-winning FAW (www.fawproject.com) and FAS (www.fasproject.app) products:

• FAW (Forensics Acquisition of Websites), the world’s first forensic browser by features, capable of acquiring web pages of any type quickly and easily.

• FAS (Forensics Acquisition of Screenshot) app created to make forensic screenshot acquisitions from your phone, in a few simple steps.

Precisely by virtue of our in-depth knowledge of the web, and its worst sides, we are able to offer services of absolute excellence.

In short, if you want to protect yourself from external attacks, rely on professionals in the sector!


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