Don’t let the “haters” go unpunished

Our mission is to combat hate and discrimination.

Online libel

The offence of Defamation occurs whenever the reputation of a person not present during the conversation is offended or discredited.

Insults to physicality

It occurs when an individual or group of them discriminates against the physical characteristics of another person, thereby denigrating and deriding the target subject by the users, leading to serious psychological repercussions.


It indicates the persecutory and disparaging behaviour that is put in place via the Internet towards a minor or a group of them.


It concerns the publication, or threat of publication, of photographs or videos showing persons engaged in sexual activities or portrayed in sexually explicit poses, without the consent of the person concerned.

Hate in the criticism

The excessively aggressive, annoying and hateful criticism is part of the new phenomenon called Hate Speech.

Blackmail and Threats

The threat arises when, in a direct conversation between people, the author, in addition to offending the reputation of the other, reserves particular expressions with the clear purpose of inspiring fear conditioning the ability to live peacefully.


Before contacting us be sure to:


  • Do not delete the defamatory message, do not mark it and above all do not answer!
  • If you can make both generic and specific screenshots.
  • Try to get as much information as possible about your hater.
  • Make sure that the comment does not come from past and political discussions.

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