About our company department with focus on defending reputation online

INDEVO s.r.l.


Digital and Social Reputation is a division of INDEVO s.r.l., a young and small company founded in 2007.

It was born to offer integrated services concerning the wider panorama of the IT sector. Hence the need to open a division that deals more specifically with the strategic marketing area with a focus on defending reputation on the web.



We know and support the importance of establishing positive relationships within the company we work with, taking care of their needs, concerns and strategic objectives and proposing and applying effective and lasting solutions.

Matteo Zavattari


He is an established exponent of the forensic world. One of the creators of the first FAW forensic browser, used by the most important data protection companies in the world and recognized as a world excellence. Awarded 5 stars DFM.

INDEVO s.r.l.

Via Mameli, 14

21013 Gallarate (VA)

Tel. +39 340 6356406

INDEVO s.r.l.

Via Cechov, 50

20151 Milano (MI)

Tel. +39 340 6356406