We monitor video content in the most important video sharing portals.

How to discover copyright violations and negative comments on names.

Modern technology and the development of the Internet have allowed us to access tons of information whenever we want it and from anywhere on the planet. Original ideas tend to become increasingly rare. Everyone seems to reproduce the ideas of others and present them as their own. Although this practice is not new, many people could argue that nowadays it has reached its peak.

The services we are able to offer you

We are able to carry out real-time monitoring of social media and video portals such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc … by detecting those who improperly use your name and your brand or even those who share video clips of your property passing them off as their own.

We search within the videos or images on the web for those who have improperly used your logo or who mention you negatively.

How our services work

Our service checks for similarities between the content analyzed online and the reference databases (images, videos, texts to be checked inserted in our database) in order to identify the presence of non-original content.

The system reports the plagiarism to the operator showing in the results the information sources and the percentage of any similarities of the content found. Operator performs a check and makes decisions about it.

Purpose of the services

  • Improve the quality of the products produced, ensuring greater originality;
  • Facilitate the control activity of a brand;
  • Reduce the use of improper content in the elaboration;
  • Autonomous verification of the correct quotation of the sources;
  • Prevent criticality to plagiarism.

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