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We delete and replace web content, with the utmost confidentiality

Digital Social Reputation protects the right to be forgotten in order to remove harmful content online.

But what is the right to be forgotten?

The right to be forgotten means the right not to disclose information concerning one’s person to third parties, especially legal information such as judicial precedents.

The phases of the service

  1. Content assistance: analysis and verification of the applicability requirements of the right to be forgotten.
  2. Provide the documentation: procure the documentation necessary for the continuation of the activity.
  3. Content deletion practice: removal of content through its de-indexing from websites.
  4. Propose intervention strategies: activities aimed at the positive protection and promotion of one’s digital identity.

Thanks to the activity of removal of harmful content, we are in fact able to verify the severity of the injury and in what area (assistance, product, etc.) has occurred.

This verification will then lead, as already mentioned above, to the opportunity to intervene with the cancellation activity of the same.


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