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With the term plagiarism, in copyright, we refer to the appropriation, by total or partial copy, of the authorship of another’s intellectual work. In this sense, the term is reflected in the English plagiarism and in the French and German plagiat and derives from the Latin plagium (reduction to slavery or theft of another’s slave).

On-line survey

We conduct online investigations to detect counterfeits and trademark violations, collecting sufficient evidence to allow us to initiate criminal proceedings. We are then able to follow you at every stage of the procedure thanks to our technical consultants expert in computer crimes.

Protection of intellectual property

IP protection includes patents, trademarks, copyrights, URLs, etc. For more effective results, we combine our professional skills with automated research through our server battery. We monitor your brand online to make sure it is not used without authorization. If we were to discover incorrect uses of your Brand we activate a process of:




    of fraudulent action. Through our proprietary software FAW (first global forensic browser, awarded 5 stars DFM) we are able to legally acquire the web page and the social network where your intellectual property has been damaged.


Even if you have not registered your brand with patents and trademarks, you can still take action against those who are trying to profit from improper use of your product.

One way to protect your brand is to create a well-structured portfolio of domain names, thus making it more difficult for forgeries to create a deceptive website.

We have a battery of servers that scan the main sites and portals and report to our staff the contents to be “investigated”.
Finally, through the cross-checking of data between channels and sites, we are able to automatically and with certainty identify those responsible for the Counterfeiting.

Online investigations

We carry out online investigations to identify counterfeits and violations of your Brand. We collect sufficient evidence to allow legal proceedings to be taken against the offenses of Counterfeiting, Trademark infringement and Plagiarism.

As part-time technical consultants we are able to support you during each phase of the criminal procedure, identifying evidence and producing technical reports to demonstrate the crime committed.

INDEVO s.r.l. Brand Protection Acquisition Basic Service (BPAB)

The BPAB is the service that allows the acquisition of your website at a forensic level to certify the legitimacy and originality of online content.

What it means?

With BPAB we can have a copy of the contents of your site, which are trademarks, images, texts, videos, etc. so as to protect and verify the intellectual property of the contents and certify the publication data, allowing you to have proved legally valid for any problem of plagiarism, defamation and copyright protection.

With a service cost starting from € 50 a month you can feel comfortable and have your content connected.


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