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Give your customers the chance to use our web reputation services.

Are you a lawyer and do you like to give your customers the chance to use our web reputation services?

Unfortunately, the lawyer only has legal powers to forward the removal request to the webmaster of the website containing the negative news, most of the time without obtaining any result.

Moreover, often, the news is not only contained in a website, but is also present in search results of search engines; in this case the simple request to remove the link does not bring any results from the search engine.

The most common consequence is that the lawyer cannot satisfy the client.

The removal of a negative URL or its de-indexation is an activity that very often (in 95% of cases) is possible only with technical activities carried out by expert computer scientists.

The Digital Social Reputation Team gives lawyers interested in the LAW Services service the opportunity to sell our technical / legal resources to their clients without showing the name of our company.

The customer will therefore have the impression that the removal activity is being carried out by the Lawyer’s office.

LAW Services of Digital Social Reputation allows the lawyer who uses it to resell the service to his client at the economic conditions he prefers.

If you are a lawyer and want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


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