For several months we carried out a project for a V.I.P. that contacted us because of fake news that spread online on his account.

Because of the false news, he needed to implement services that would protect, promote and improve his online identity.

Our proposal was to run a Brand identity activity, with the aim of constantly monitoring the web to see what people were spreading online.

We intervened by checking all open sources such as forums, blogs etc.. , social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc.. information sites such as newspapers, daily online news etc.. and also websites of institutions and institutions.
The activity was carried out in a professional way with the use of automatic systems assisted by our collaborators who evaluated how many and which documents spoke about him and how they spoke about him.

At first we proceeded with a legal phase that provides for the request of removal of the fake news from our specialized lawyers.
Web pages that have not been removed with the legal phase, have been acquired with forensic modalities using our software faw in order to proceed in court.
We have also adopted procedures to push down all fake news using reverse seo techniques and deindicization on search engines.
Our client was very satisfied as we managed to protect the image of his person on the web thus eliminating the reputational crisis that had been created by haters.