Our company has worked for 24 months with an important Swiss watchmaking company for the management of the Web reputation.

This House, due to a lack of knowledge of its brand reputation in some European countries and because of the negative comments made about the quality of its products, needed to implement services that would protect and promote its online identity.

Our proposal was to perform an activity of Brand Monitoring, aimed at periodically monitoring the web to get to know who and how it talks about the brand.

This activity has been carried out using automatic systems assisted by our team to correctly identify user sentiment. Monitoring was carried out in open sources (forums, blogs, etc.), information sources (news, newspapers, etc.), social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and websites of institutions and institutions.

For this reason, every month, our staff met with the client in order to study and, in the second place, publish positive content on social networks, forums and blogs; all this was then reported at the end of each month in a report, which highlighted the change in brand sentiment from one month to the next. At the same time it was decided with the client to create a communication channel dedicated to the support of its users so as to redirect any comments and reports on a private and non-public service.

Thanks to this collaboration, and to a continuous exchange of views with the client, we managed to achieve the desired result, diminishing negative opinions about Maison products, and bringing the brand to a higher level of knowledge.