A famous artist turned to us because of a hoax that spread online.

There were rumors that the VIP had stumbled upon a major health issue.

Insisting rumors about this supposed illness have caused despair among fans all over the world who have immediately begun to write their messages of prompt healing on the pages of social networks, expressing their sadness.

Our team implemented a Brand Monitoring strategy.

This activity involves a daily web-controlled analysis to find out how many and which online documents spoke about the VIP’s health problem.

Our searches have been performed on all open sources such as forums, blogs etc.. , social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc. information sites such as newspapers, daily online news etc.. and also websites of institutions and institutions.

Through reverse seo techniques and deindicization on search engines, we intervened with strategic publications that belie the news and pushed it down.

Subsequently, we planned the activity of Brand identity that included an analysis of the hoax that was disseminated and with the help of our specialist lawyers, we were able to remove the fake news.

Our client was very satisfied as we were able to deny the news that had spread, thus bringing a climate of tranquility and serenity among fans.