For about two years, our company has worked for a food distribution chain, for the management of the web reputation.
This customer contacted us for the need to know what people thought about their products, their staff and how to improve themselves.

Given the coronavirus emergency, our work has intensified further, as there has been an assault on supermarkets and you have online spending services.
Our collaborators have implemented a Brand monitoring project that consists in periodically checking the web to find out how supermarkets were mentioned.

The constant monitoring by our specialists, was useful to verify what kind of reputation had spread on the web.

We have used systems supported by our staff, using open sources (blogs, forums, microblogs etc.), social networks (linkedin, Twitter, Instagram etc.) sources of information (news agencies, radio and tv etc.) and more.

Several negative comments have emerged such as the website for the very slow online shopping, the long delivery times, the miles out of the building that convinced customers to go to other supermarkets to do the shopping.

At the end of this activity, with our client, we decided to implement the crisis management reputation service which includes activities aimed at improving the web reputation.

In this way, every month, our team guarantees the publication of positive comments on the various portals, in order to improve the sentiment of the supermarket; every month a report is generated to show the customer the changes.

Thanks to these strategies we are getting closer to the goal we have set ourselves, decreasing more and more negative comments, thus defending the reputation of our client.